hey Alli, now your comments aren’t working! lol – Ruth
Thanks! And fixed now 🙂

in that pic you showed on here which one was you?
lol you were supposed to guess. I don’t remember what pic I posted…but I’ll try to post one someday in lj 😉

testing one two 3 dont mind this post
okay  😉 lol

i was unable to post. i promise i’m really not a spam bot alli! lol
hope life gets unstressful –val

thanks love

The idea of going somewhere–however far (200 or 4,000 miles)–for college next year has become rather repulsive to me over the last couple days. I’ve been at home doing nothing due to the state of low-energy a fever/cold/illness put me in during the beginning of the week.

I’ve also (as I have many times) decided that money isn’t worth all it’s cracked up to be. Work causes me unneeded (in my mind) stress and often I have to miss events I’d really like to attend (in this my last year of high school and life as I currently know it). So, yet again, I’m considering quitting the work force until summertime rolls around. This is, what, the third or fourth time I’ve thought about this. Piano also gives me crap. I love playing, but I’m coming to hate taking lessons. Because I am expected to have made progress over the week. Perhaps I would enjoy them more were I to stop working.

Mock Trial is two weeks from today. Thursday night we had a full run through. I made it…but I can definitely see some areas of mine that need improvement.

To touch ambiguously on another aspect of my life, there is an *area* (lol) that gives me constant grief. I come to a million conclusions, only to reach a the millionth and one which retracts every single idea that came before. I constantly find myself returning to square one and wondering where I’m supposed to go this time that it’ll be different.

Oh yeah. I have to file taxes *blegh*. Oh yeah. In just over six months, I’ll be a legal adult. Are you all quivering in your boots yet?


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