music of the night

“Everything’s gonna be alright. Everything’s gonna be alright. Be strong; believe.”

I’ve been pondering a change. Something of a drastic one. Actually, as I think about it (haven’t in a few days), I’m remembering more about it lol. Basically the idea was that I’ll keep blogging here at least through the summer (that or drop it and go to lj through the summer). Then in August or whenever I’ll start up a new blog. Blog only…pretty much no content, some, but it’d be minimal. New title etc. A fresh start. I would have loved to continue with this, and I would have, but after losing over half of my archives…I’m kind of ready to start over. I love blogs (like Brina’s) where they have archives from like 5 years ago. That’s what I want to have. I can’t here, and if I’m going to try it needs to be a new website. “Skygazing” is cool…but I’m moving toward a new era…new name too, I guess. I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ve had dreams of various things and they’ve never come to fruition.

Since you all have pretty much missed out on a couple weeks of my life, you were likely unaware that the Mock Trial team I am a member of is going to the State comeptition. Well, we are. And it begins tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, mostly. Today we had a run through and it went pretty well. Except my cross examination of Schezz–which sucked…partly because my sister is such a freaking good witness that she dodged every question.

are you feeling better now?
Yeah…I’m almost over the stomach flu I had this weekend. Still not much appetite though. But I have a lot more energy. 🙂 During the trial today I was feeling pretty crappy though(dunno if you could tell 😛 lol).

Makes sense to me. My life often blurred to me. Everyday is so much like the next, that I often can’t remember what happened on Tuesday vs what happened on Wednesday, lol. ~ Lalaith

bummer that the comments aren’t working! –val
Very much so 😦

In other news…my Extended Phantom of the Opera soundtrack didn’t come today…meaning I can’t listen to it on the drive over tomorrow *cries*. Unless it’s in tomorrow’s mail and it comes like 2 hours early…unlikely.


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