come back down

I haven’t the patience to continue trying to fix the PHP table errors so that the date or time shows up or the comments work. Apologies to you all. I’ve thought about just manually typing the date, but it’s more mysterious this way and ambiguous. I’m a large fan of ambiguiety (in some cases), so I’m going to leave you hanging and wondering what day it is (unless of course you visit every day and therefore can tell when it is I update. Of course there is the dated material contained within my ramblings that will likely reveal the time to the astute among you.

Mock Trial last weekend was awesome. Our team had so much fun and it was a great experience all around. Our results and final standing weren’t nearly as satisfying as the competition though. We competed against the top three teams in King County and held our own. We thought we won against Seattle Prep (second trial) and the other two were a toss up. We ended up losing all three trials, but we took a ballot from both Seattle Prep (16th in the nation last year) and Franklin (been to nationals multiple times and won in 2000 or 2001). We got all three ballots in our first trial against Port Townsend. However, in spite of the fact that we beat PT…they placed third overall (top ten). That makes sense because of power matching, but it’s not right. Plus, the fact that we went up against Seattle Prep, Uni Prep, and Franklin doesn’t even make sense in the power matching realm. I could rant about it, but I won’t. It’s disappointing to have done so well and not even place in the top ten…but none of us would trade our trials for easier ones. In our last round against Franklin (which I was privledged to be a part of), we did the best we have ever done. Every single person. Even the rest of our team who has been working on this trial since October and done it numerous times found it fun to watch. It gives me shivers remembering what an incredible trial that was. So we had a good time, but were sadly disappointed in how things ended up.

The quarter ends next week. So I’ll be presenting my thesis *eep*, memorizing a ton of catechism I’ve neglected, and freaking out about a Greek final. Along with the obligatory stressing about where in the heck I’m going to be attending college :\. I’ll decide…eventually. My family is going to Hawaii for spring break April 1 or 2…don’t remember the exact day we’re leaving. I’m gonna head out though, cuz I have homework to do (art report *cringes*), letters to write (looks guilty), and raffle tickets to sell. Oh…but I have to recommend that everyone buy the new Lifehouse album 🙂

I hope your state competition goes well! Change can always be a good thing, don’t let the loss of archives get you down- just start over with something fabulous! I hope your Phantom of the Opera cd comes soon; I have it and it’s awesome! *hug* – Lauren
I’ve often felt like I want to start over. I hope you get your soundtrack soon. =) ~ Lalaith

And love to my ‘Naked Mole Rat’ visitor 😀 who filled out my survey *hehehe*


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