silly daydreams

I’m waiting for the excitement to mount. Don’t think I’m not looking forward to going to Hawaii, because I am; I’m just not feeling or expressing any abounding enthusiasm. Oh well, the drive and flight will give me time to think, which I suppose I need.

A few thoughts:
– Packing is evil
– Cryptivity (wow, I bet that’s not a word) can get annoying and old
– I’m still thinking I need a new site. I don’t want to move though. I hate moving. Maybe I’ll just revamp and we’ll pretend that my URL somehow applies to the new title–whatever that may be.
– I can be a flipping idiot sometimes…the extent of my procrastination is just wrong. One would think I would have learned a thing or two after 17 years of life.
– Periods are stupid, and semicolons are wonderful
– The names they chose for punctuation marks are really funny if you think about it (but please don’t 😉 lol)
– I have made a nice start on making my new blog (this being it…) insightful and not flippant and a boring account of my life (although that does slip in sometimes). I shall try to keep at it.
– After four bullet points, I am still very partial to the idea of revamping this site. Of course I was going to revamp it last July…I still have the new layout on my computer. How sad is that?

But I really should fold my clothes, and roll them into neat little cylindrical shapes…placing them carefully in my suitcase so as to affect as little damage as possible. Then perhaps I shall go work on something of lasting impact, though likely not. I thought of something along the lines of a wardrobe-in-a-suitcase when I was little. Why has that not been invented yet? I’m really not looking forward to the flight. I don’t mind flying at all (though the take off used to freak me out), but I don’t feel like being in a confined environment for 4-6 hours (haven’t come to a decisive consensus on how long we’ll be in the air).

My dad’s going to be home in approximately an hour…give or take 15 minutes. I should be packed by then or he won’t be happy.

“I really am trying to overcome my faults, Marilla. I chatter on far too much. But if you only knew how many things I want to say and don’t, you’d give me some credit. ”


5 thoughts on “silly daydreams

  1. I’m glad that comments are working. I hope you have an awesome time in Hawaii! I wish I was going to Hawaii. lol. Gotta love packing- I always pack my whole room. Hey, if you decide to move and need hosting, just give me a holler. 🙂 love the Anne Shirley quote!

  2. You’re going to Hawaii? Lucky! I had the chance to go with my Aunt a few years ago, but my parents decided not to let me go.
    I love that quote! Anne is the best. =P

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