what about marron 5 cd? or do you allready have it…
I don’t have it. They’re okay…not one of my favorite bands. The only song of theirs I really like is “She Will Be Loved”, and that song is getting old cuz it has been so overplayed.

My room is a mess right now. I sent my Housing Preference form to Whitworth…I probably won’t get into my first choice because I sent it so late, but we’ll see. I’m basically going to Whitworth. In actuality, I don’t think I’ll ever actually make the decision, but at some point I’ll just start saying “I’m going to Whitworth”.

School and work are giving me much grief. My thesis paper is stressing me out…and very much so. And Bob is giving me more hours, which is good monetarily, but not good because I’m so busy already.


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  1. Yeah that Maroon 5 song is so overplayed. Whitworth sounds like a good college. I hope things stop being so stressful and good luck on your thesis!

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