I am superficially aware of my insignificance. However, in practice I am a seventeen year old struggling for acceptance–both from my peers and myself. Sadly I have not been learning my lessons well, for this small, miniscule event is pulling all the wrong strings. Probably three or four months have passed in relative bliss. Of course, there has been the ever present stress of school and life and the like…but I’ve been coping well.

Four days. Approximately 96 hours. Be still my bleating heart. What’s that Superchick song…”We’re not done yet.” Right. What happens if you are done? What do you do then? And what if you’re looking for answers to questions you never wanted asked?

Floating on has been all well and good…but I guess I thought I found an anchor. In what, heaven only knows, but an anchor nonetheless. I’m afraid to look down and realize it’s barely a piece of cardboard.

I’m stuck in limbo. There’s no moving forward, and no going back. So it seems the only options are up and down. But what does that mean?


2 thoughts on “pilgrim

  1. Life won’t always be like this. You’ll get used to being out of high school. Whenever there’s a big change in our lives, it always seemse like we will never get used to it, but we do.

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