i hope you had the time of your life

I am officially a high school graduate. Diploma and all. Wow. I might get around to posting some pictures from this wonderfully busy weekend…but I’m lazy now.

Friday was the senior dinner (everyone was so gorgeous…the guys rocked in their tuxes, the stories were great, everyone cried at the end, I bawled that night)…Saturday was graduation (sooo much fun…danced for 3 hours, did karaoke at Brit’s, stayed up with Amber and Julie until 5)…Sunday I went to church with everyone and we had dinner at Red Robin then I went to the youth group Senior Roast.

This week I went to school to hear Brit, Danielle, Cameron, and Katie’s theses (mine went well, btw ;)). Tomorrow I have to do some stuff for my mom, so I won’t go in. I stayed for art today and worked on my painting (reproduction of Girl with a Pearl Earring). The face sucks, but some other parts are cool (imho). As always, if I get around to it, I should post a pic of it. Thursday is the awards night, Friday and Saturday I’m working…then next Tuesday is Danielle’s birthday (and 2 months from mine!) and Wednesday we’re doing the power point. To date, we’re at almost 550 slides :shock:. Pretty crazy…it’s going to be over an hour long, but so much fun. I’m pretty much going to cry, I think.

But anyway, life is chugging along. I think I have my fall semester schedule worked out. It’s looking like I’ll be taking Freshman Seminar *yawn*, Core 150 (requirement), Computer Science 1, Reading Literature, Probability/Statistics, and Romans. More on that later I’m sure.


4 thoughts on “i hope you had the time of your life

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are now in the ranks of really cool college people like me. haha jk about the last part. but really, congratulations alli! what a great accomplishment.

  2. Congratulations Alli, although it may feel scary right now – remember you’ve been waiting for this summer of liberation for years!

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