everybody’s changing

These updates of my life are so sketchy that half the time I forget to mention things until forever later. Such as now… Danielle emailed me in March and asked if I wanted to help her put together a power point of pictures from our class to show everyone at the end of the year. Of course I did…so we’ve been working on that the past 3 months. Yesterday we showed the finished, 1 hour 10-15 minute product. It is (again) hitting me hard…the finality of it all. We worked on it soo much…saw the entire thing all the way through 4+ times (3 yesterday lol). I cried during the last 15-ish minutes three times (hey–we played “Breaking of the Fellowship” and “May It Be” with senior dinner and graduation pics!).

My writing is disjointed, and my organs feel like they’ve been scrambled in a mixing bowl (nice analogy, don’t you think?). More particularly–my lungs, heart, stomach, and throat.

I cannot even begin to communicate to you all how incredibly much I love my friends and how much I am going to miss them next year. Last year I would have cried because I couldn’t be a part of the fellowship they were. Now I cry because for some unexplainable reason God blessed me by placing me within the comforting throes of this fellowship…and now I must leave it.

“I don’t suppose we’ll ever see them again. “
“We may yet, Mr. Frodo. We may.”


2 thoughts on “everybody’s changing

  1. Thats a really apt quote.
    From one who’s been there; you don’t have to loose touch with people. Strong ties on both sides’ll help you stay friends despite distances.

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