“james, earn this”

I can be a difficult person to watch movies with. I either go the route of hypocrite and do what I hate (that is ask questions)…or I make it known when I want people to be quiet. Take, for example, tonight….I was watching Saving Private Ryan with my dad…he had to leave to go pick up my sister. They get back a little bit before the bridge is going to be blown up…obviously a moment fraught with emotional tension. And my sister is one of those question-askers…so I felt it necessary to hasten her sitting and being quiet, so I said “Kayla, sit down and be quiet.” (hey, it was an intense moment!) Naturally they interpret this as harshness on my part…without taking into consideration the frazzled nature of my emotions at this point. Five minutes later, of course, I’m crying so hard I can’t even answer a question. But anyway…all that to say…you have to be a talented person for me to know you well and us both to enjoy watching movies together lol.

The subject line is from SPR, fyi if you haven’t seen it. That is one of my favorite movies…although I’ve only seen it like three times. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are easily disturbed by gory things though. I have a very strong constitution when it comes to that kind of thing, and occassionally I’ll look away, but my stomach is not easily upset. I was eating spaghetti while they were landing on the beach…and if that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will. But yeah, there’s cussing and the understandable war gore…but if you can deal with those it is an incredible movie.

I’m not so much a tomboy…but I’m very unique. I’m realizing that I don’t particularly like chick flicks (most of them)…but I do enjoy action and thrillers and war movies. Comedy and drama I enjoy as well…although those fit under neither of the aforementioned categories.

There, a nice fluffy entry…haven’t had one of those in a while. New layout…reflecting my moodier side. I’m working a crapload next week (well, for me at least). I’m realizing that I prefer the hecticity (yes, I realize that’s not a word) of school to the droning of work. Cross your fingers I either get the job I want or get married quickly…otherwise adulthood is going to be looking pretty gloomy.


5 thoughts on ““james, earn this”

  1. Ooo I do love this layout! Hullo Mr. Frodo *hat tip*
    I am, alas, the same way with movies. It irks my friend Tara to no end but it is how I am and rather hard to change. Chick Flicks are also a waste of time to me. Finally someone who agrees!

  2. Ah the layout is very nice- I heart that picture of Frodo and Sam grasping hands. Great job! 🙂

    Yeah, Saving Private Ryan is a great movie but I found it to be so depressing. I’ve always liked war movies too, probably because of my brother, and they’ve never made me squeamish. But I do enjoy chick flicks also.
    Hang in there at work and I hope you that job you want! Take care

  3. I don’t think I’m a one genre movie type of person. I really like all kinds. I’ve never seen Saving Private Ryan. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle it though, I couldn’t watch all of Black Hawk Down.

  4. I’ve never seen SPR… I’m not sure about the gore. lol I did see Black Hawk Down, though. So I could probably handle most of it. *halo* I’m more like you with movies, though. I’m not into the chick flic world of movies… but I love action/thriller/some war/comedy/drama. *nod* Good stuff. *grin*

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