the end is near

I am continually reminded of my discontent with this website. Skygazing is nearing her (or its…not he though) third birthday. Who-du-thunk. Last year I threated a complete revamp. Yeah, that half-done layout is still sitting on my computer. Well, I’m threatening again. Except this time when I say “complete”, I mean name change and everything. I’ve used “skygazing” as a screenname too much, which was stupid on my part. I’m not really sure what the content state will be…but it’s safe to say the fanlistings as such will disappear (what’s left after the great black hole incident this past winter). My personal website will likely become a hub (yes, complete with blog) for my activity on the internet with links to various places that have some aspect of me imprinted on their databases.

I haven’t decided if I’ll revert to using my full name (ie Allison). “Alli” was great when I first got started and was an impressionable child, carefully guarding her identity. While I have not grown more illusioned to the existance of psycho-freak-stalkers, I realize they probably aren’t staking out websites for prey, but rather on the more impressionable IMmers who have their profile publicly accessible. And if someone is stalking me…it’ll take a lot more than a nickname to deter them. That said…the abruptness and ineloquence of “Alli” gets on my nerves sometimes. There is no beauty to the name; it is very stark and blunt. Or maybe I’ll assume a completely new name, and reappear…hosted on a French website. There’s a thought for you.


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