good friends

Does everyone’s life rotate in such convoluted and distressing patterns? Or am I somehow cursed due to my writing sensibilities? Somehow I think it’s a little of both.

Oh, and if anyone was wondering…my kids…yeah, they’re pretty much having arranged marriages. Dating sucks. Not dating sucks. Wondering who it is you’re wating for sucks. And then wondering if you’ve found the one you’re waiting for sucks. Not like I can relate to half of these statements lol. But still…from my point of view, they remain the same.

My creative writers block seems to be spreading like the disease it is. It grows increasingly difficlut to keep you faithfully informed on the goings on of my life. For the simple reason that there is the one in fifty-two (yes, that is my favorite number) chance someone I know will suddenly call this website’s existence to memory and visit. Which I don’t mind, honestly, because I give it out widely and willingly. However, the idea of being so transparent to people who see me daily frightens me greatly. It seems I must always revert to this simple fact, and it distresses me to do so.

Am I becoming one of the many and the saddening cases of bloggers who consider reverting exclusive to the friends-locked lure of livejournal? I’m not sure. It makes me very somber to think about not having a website…but really, what do I do for Skygazing but offer a new layout ever few months or so and some pithy blogs a few times a month?

I think part of this is me being emotional. Today has been one of those days, and tomorrow isn’t looking especially bright (at least until five).

[edit]Oooh…WP has a lovely feature called “post password” hmmm intriguing thought [/edit]


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