more like the moon

I have found a new calling in life. To share the love that is Mae around the world. 🙂 Seriously though…I bought “The Everglow” and cannot get enough of it. I haven’t been this obsessed with a CD in a while.

In other news, the old Alli is gone. Or at least the seventeen-year-old one. I am officially eighteen and two days (…and missing out on a flipping Coldplay concert that’s less than 200 miles away *sobs*). Actually, who I was at seventeen has been gone for more than two days. This could be the first birthday where on the day I actually felt older. Not older than the previous day, but as old as my new number declared me to be.

Some miscellaneous information you might find valuable if you ever play Trivial Pursuit: Genus Alli…
– I fixed the VCR tonight (finally). So my family can tape “Lost” for me while I’m striving away at my night class this coming semester *sigh*
– I’m leaving for college in less than three weeks
– I have started *guilty laugh* the ominous task that is shopping for college. I have a distinct feeling my stuff will be kind of borderline “cool” individually…but all together, not so sure about that one.
– In keeping with my tradition of stating my objective to post pictures, I will say perhaps I’ll post a picture of my dorm room when it’s all assembled.
– I really am working on a new personal site :DWith any luck and time it will be up by the time I leave for college.
– I still love Mae
– At this point in my life I’m older than I ever thought I would be. Of course being the planning type, when I was in second grade I expected to go to college, marry, and have eleven children…but that wasn’t any form of reality. It was all fantasy. It is a very startling experience to have your fantasies slowly evolve to realities in front of your eyes.
– I’m super busy, and I can’t believe how much I’ve been updating this thing 😉


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