the lost girl is growing up

It was a very ecstatic thing for my blog to be brought back to life. I am slowly re-inputting the past archives, thankfully (for my fingers) there aren’t a ton. So if you’re a new visitor…I promise I did write in between April and September…they just haven’t been reposted yet.

So the new layout/website/title was posted September 9 *yay*. The navigation is in the box above…not too difficult to find. The content has changed a little and some things have been added (I think). Some sections are unfinished, but hopefully will be in the semi-near future. This site is basically my blog, as I’m sure you know. Cuz…really…when was the last time you looked at the pages of poetry or info about me 😉

College. What a big word. Not semantically of course, but connotatively. (Yeah, I just wanted to use big words) Tonight I’m going camping with my dorm, then tomorrow I’m hanging out with two friends from home, and Monday I have two tests…French and Core *ugh*. Not fun…but I’ll make it. I’ve been doing well academically the first three weeks, and I’m hoping that will continue (of course I haven’t had any exams yet…but we’re overlooking that small detail and being optimistic :D)

One thing I don’t like (this semester…will change next semester!!) is not having incoming cash. It’s not cool to be *really* frugal. I’ve always been careful with my money…but it’s nice to have money that you feel you *can* spend 😛 lol.

Well, seeing as I’m leaving in 30 minutes, I should pack and print off some study notes to take (I know, I know, they’re just going to sit in the bottom of my bag…but it will do my conscience good to know that they are at least there lol)


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