It feels like home when I’m there, and it feels like I belong when I’m here.
However at this point, I wish I were still there. There is more holding me there…maybe that’s why I’m hoping (although with things in the state they are currently in I don’t know how it’d work out :roll:) that Cameron (and even Katie…although I’m not holding my breath there) will reconsider coming to Whitworth.

Can I even say how glad I am that Brit and Danielle (and Cameron?) are coming up next weekend?! I get to see them again in less than a week.

There is a time for parting, yes. But I refuse to believe that the time has come.

I have a crapload of stuff to do. And I think I’m getting sick…what with being outside in the cold air and screaming and moshing for Kutless…lol. But tomorrow or Tuesday…some time when I feel like I have enough done…I am breaking out one of the DVDs I brought. I ordered Finding Neverland, borrowed Benny and Joon, and temporarily stole from my house TTT and ROTK (EE’s of course :D)

But off to be productive so I can go to bed early tonight. So I can get better. So I can get all my work done this week. So I can watch my movies. And have fun this coming weekend. And not think about missing Newsboys. And missing home. And missing my friends. And have fun with my friends here.


3 thoughts on “fragmented

  1. wow…i have not been here in…..forever! lol i like the layout a lot though! definitely liking the EE Cummings (is that how you spell it? lol i can’t ever remember! darn…)

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