Yay…new layout. No blogging as of yet…honestly I don’t have time to install WP or GM again. So if you’re that starved for what’s going on in my life, stalk out my livejournal or somewhere else I hang out. I have a big paper (1/4 my grade) due on Wednesday. Yes I have started…not that my start has made much of a dent, but whatever…it counts. Then finals are coming up…which I am rather dreading. My first college finals *eep*!

Basically what that means is…I’m going on unofficial hiatus until Christmas break. Meaning instead of just disappearing for three weeks…I’m telling you I’ll be gone 🙂

However in that time in between you can be sure I will see HP: Goblet of Fire again (omg *hearts* I freaking loved it!) and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. For which I’m uber excited and plan on going to a midnight showing…even though I have finals less than 5 days later o.O But anyway…enjoy life. I am realizing how much content is still missing. Over Christmas break I can almost promise that will be remedied 🙂 Much love to all. Au revoir, a bientot.


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