Sometimes I find it an easier task to blather on about absolutely nothing than to truly speak from the heart. Actually as I consider that statement, I realize it is more often than not.

I am afraid of being, as Bunbury, “found out”, and thus rendered incapable of life. Well, the last part is stretching it a little.

Two semesters of French has robbed me of the ability to think mono-linguistically. However, that is just one step closer to my goal of becoming multi (okay, we’ll try for bi) lingual.

Cluttered, my mind, right now, is. Two thoughts, connected, I manage, cannot.

I don’t know if it’s the music, or the background silence, or the thoughts themselves, but I am rendered utterly incapable of meaningful thought at this juncture. And it is extremely frustrating.

awielfnfk;laja;eitnfrelkajkslfniwoanwioenk Maybe if you rearranged those letters you would find the summation of my thoughts.


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