do you hear the people sing

Yesterday I was in Seattle for the US National Tour production of Les Misérables. Can I just sit down, gulp, and say wow?? It was unbelievably breathtaking to see a production like that in person. Basically, I can’t really gush about it enough.

I have an unique (as far as I’m aware?) vision for my life. The things I want to do and be are very specific, except not. I’ve decided to plan my life without planning for a serious relationship. Meaning that I’m not saying “Okay, I want to be married by 25”. While I would like that, it is not my express goal. Therefore, I will live my life, not thinking that I have a timeline, but that I will live to the best of my ability, glorifying and following God while living out my personal dreams. I really want to get married, although lately I’ve had the inevitable doubts that arise from singleness. I’m not in college to meet a husband (although it’d be fantastic if I did). So in a nutshell, my philosophy is (or will hopefully become :D) to follow God and the directions He leads. If marriage is in His plan for me, then it will happen because I’m following Him 🙂

This all sounds so excellent in my mind and on paper and on your screen. The hard part is actually acting it out. The part where you have to completely surrender your relationships and decisions to God. I liked the article I read on Boundless about making decisions.

I feel like I’ve been thinking deep thoughts a lot in the last chunk of months.


One thought on “do you hear the people sing

  1. I saw Les Misérables… Christmas 2004, I think. It was amazing. I have never heard such astounding singing! I checked the site you linked, though, and I think it had a different cast when I saw it.

    That sounds like a wonderful plan, Allison. It’s really how everyone should look at their life. Remember, whatever God’s will is for your life is the very best you can have. =)

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