losing my fear

I survived my second graduation (well, it wasn’t really mine) with minimal amounts of tear-shedding. My biggest regret, looking back, is that I didn’t take a picture of the grad presents I gave to the 5 graduates *kicks self*. Cuz they were pretty dang sweet. Oh well.

One thing I find amusing at times is how I’ll start to write a new sentence, go to another browser for just 10 seconds, and come back with absolutely no idea what I was planning on talking about.

The next big event of my summer is the senior trip in 8.5 days *squee* (PS, I’m really excited!!!). We’re going to a “nearby” theme park Friday and then spending the next 2 nights and day at a lake-side cabin :D. And because this isn’t college and we all live at home with our parents there are chaperones (but hey, this way we get a boat!)…two teachers from TRA, but they’re both really fun and easy-going, so it should be a sweet trip. Although in preparation I’m trying to whip my brain into shape so that I don’t romanticize my expecations of the trip, only to be strongly disappointed with reality.

In some ways, this graduation of 2006 will bring more change than my own graduation did, because now everyone will be pursuing different paths of higher education, rather than just 7 of us. It’s a little bit weird and scary that one of my friends is moving to Michigan, and that his family won’t be living here anymore either, so there’s no reason for him to come back. All the rest of us are in the state or its neighbor, and next year there will be six of us at Whitworth. It doesn’t quite make sense that, seriously, I might not see him again for a long time.

I guess life just continues to change, and you have to keep learning how to adjust. Funny how you just think you’ve got it figured out when all of a sudden your path takes a 180, and you have to completely recalibrate your thinking.


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