gaining speed

So updates have been…non-existent? I’m going to try something new to eliminate the hideous horizontal scrollbar (which won’t even go away when I adjust the width šŸ˜¦ )…only show one post and go for the “more” thing after I write like a paragraph or whatever. Better say something interesting to pique your attention.

Overall my summer has been pretty excellent…this really isn’t going to be a very thoughtful post, I don’t think. But I must comment about the irony of the fact that the song Victor Wallace sang at some Broadway event that I downloaded and, yes, saved to my iTunes just now started playing. I find that a little ironic since the last time I posted was in my post-Les Mis/*squee*-Victor-Wallace state lol. Sadly I never got around to emailing him and the excessive fandom has greatly died down. (although he does have an amazing voice. Hopefully down the road I’ll remember to stalk himfind out what he’s in and go see it)

A few weekends ago I went to Silverwood with seven of my close friends…wow it was so much fun. I’d never been on any large roller coasters (and it’d been years since I’d even been on a small one…bad carnival experience when I was little :-P), and I was quite honestly scared out of my mind at first…but once I got used to the rush it was amazing! My favorite part was when Cameron and Joel decided to ride Timber Terror with suspiciously loose seatblets in order to get some air and then proceeded to recommend it to the rest of us. Wow…sooo much fun!! šŸ™‚

I don’t think anything else super exciting has happened in my life since that weekend (which was, to borrow a very unimpressive word, amazing)…just making money, laying around in the sun, and doing as much as possible with friends. I’ll try to come back before another layout change and give you a little obscure peek into some random crevice of my mind…but until then, enjoy all the other facets this wide web has to offer (I recommend Monk-E-Mail)


One thought on “gaining speed

  1. Have you tried adjusting the size of the comments box? I’m not suite sure what you meant by adjusting the width, lol. Here’s a tutorial for getting rid of horizontal scrollbars. I dunno if it will help or not, though.

    By the way, I like the new layout a lot. =)

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