and then…

Not that anyone was aware of the lack, but my quote journal is now back online (Content > 1 > 1) will lead you there. I’m not quite 1/4 of the way through adding my quotes…but hopefully I’ll get there by the end of the summer 🙂

Last night I finally saw King Kong.  I agree with the assessment that it was too long, but I understand the length because it was a very artistic film. The length just wasn’t appropriate to appeal to the wider audience. Lots of those artistic scenes (and bug scenes!) could have been cut for the sake of the audience, I think. I loved the character development, and the relationship between Jack and Ann *hearts!!!!!!!!!* That is the kind of romance that I like in a movie…not the over-dramatized, mushy, and ridiculous of most chick flicks…but the slower, natural progression of attraction and respect.

My summer got off to a great start but has since settled down to the dull hum of work offset with occassional breaks. Things or events rarely meet your expectations so I find it’s best not to have any. Not that I live by that standard, but I recognize that it’s a good one to have 😛 August might be slightly more interesting than July, what with getting all sorts of things done before I leave again, my birthday, going to Portland. But we shall see.

I think about my room next year not infrequently. Since it’s a single I can pretty much do whatever I want (within the housing rules). So basically I want to make it pretty sweet…I liked my room last year but it really wasn’t anything special. Unfortunately it is unlikely that anyone will hang out in my room much, so I’ll be the only one to see it, but whatever. Might as well enjoy the hole that is your home for 9 months. Apologies for my occassional negativity. I am extremely bipolar when it comes to next year 😕


One thought on “and then…

  1. I never saw King Kong becuase I heard the bug scene was incredibly gross. I hate bugs, and especially swarms of them in movies.

    You’ve got a single dorm room? I thought those were almost impossible to get. That must be pretty nice.

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