waiting for the silver pear

I have decided I am entirely too much like Flip in And Both Were Young for my own comfort. She receives reprimands for being so egocentric and self-pitying. Which I think I am…I am consistently discontent with various circumstances, which makes me something less than the poster-child for …well, anything positive.

School is coming far too quickly.
And I’m having to redo almost half of my schedule…*sigh*.

Strangely (believe me, it’s weird) the past couple days it has felt like fall (yes it can feel like a season). I love fall, but I’m not ready for it.

I’ve also been working a TON. Yeah, I’m making a lot of money, which is good for me in the long run, but it contributes to issues with the first paragraph and making me exhausted. Yesterday I fell asleep at 7, woke up again around 9, got ready for bed and read a little, then was asleep by 10. I’m excused though because I worked for 11 hours *sigh* Hallelujah for a day off…although come this afternoon I’ll be busy, what with stuff with my sister, getting stitches taken out (oh yeah…9 days ago I cut my hand on a piece of glass at work and had to get two stitches đŸ™‚ hehe), and a friend’s going-away party…won’t be getting much rest. Guess that means I should probably get off the computer and get some stuff done!!


One thought on “waiting for the silver pear

  1. I never know how to comment on your blogs, lol! They’re too abstract, can’t just say “oh, I totally agree!!” or “work sucks” or anything! But that doesn’t mean I don’t read/care, just means I lack depth and imagination!! lol.
    But am working on the premise that (barring spam) any comment is a good comment: love reading your blogs, they’re so interesting and beautifully worded (grr, jealous)

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