never a moment’s peace

So I’ve been busy lately. Here are some recent highlights…
– turning 19 (thanks for the bday wishes Lizzie and Lalaith 🙂
– going to Oregon with my family
– buying more than necessary in OR but enjoying the complete lack of sales tax!!
– working…a lot
– doing some wild and crazy things with my friend Brittany

I’m returning to school in one week and three days…which is crazy to me. My room is a complete disaster area and I have so much to do I can’t even begin to think about it because my brain starts to steam.

There really isn’t much more to my life at this point other than the busy-ness and the innumerable things I have to do…everything pretty much falls under those two categories. I don’t want to talk about anything specifically because that reminds me of 15 other things I have to do, and I start to get stressed lol. But I am looking forward to going back to school 🙂

Oh yeah, and I got contacts, which I really like. It’s definitely been a big change though…considering I’ve had glasses (that I wore allll the time due to my horrible vision…somn like 20/700) for the last 11.5 years lol. Anyway, time to go cross something off my list 🙂 love!!


2 thoughts on “never a moment’s peace

  1. good *heavens* I didn’t expect to hear from YOU! haha, tis random.

    *tries to think of something interesting to say, sees Enya lyrics, spazzes out* I love Enya!

    there. that was interesting 😀

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