loosing my mind

So I’m writing a response to some prompt for a lame reading I just did. I started in the same word document as the prompt and then copied/pasted the first couple sentences I had written. After the first paragraph I go back to make sure I was answering the prompt correctly…and I realize that I used some of the same words (sweet! I understand it!)…except that sentence is exactly the same (whoa! Did I memorize it subconsciously or something?)…and so is the one before, and after it! After some serious confusion I finally figure out that what I was looking at was what I had written and copied. 🙄 Good-ness. I think I need more sleep.

Anyway, just wanted to share that little story of my life. I’m freaking busy and school is insane right now. My family is coming for parents weekend this weekend and I’m really excited, especially to hang out with my sister and have some quality girl talk :). But I have to finish the week first! I can’t believe it’s already the middle of October! But anyway, I’m gonna go finish that response and then watch Lost (and hope this ep is better than last week’s!!!) and then play a volleyball game, then take a shower, then finish my other reading for tomorrow. Blah 😛


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