colorful glamour

I’m writing a paper and I would really like to know why the Americanized spelling has retained the “u” in “glamour” but not in “color” or “flavor”.  Overall (perhaps it is my penchant for things “foreign”?) I like the British spellings for most things.

Tomorrow is going to be a little bit crazy.  I need to try to get up early enough so I can go to the library before my 9:30 class and have the reference librarian help me find some resources on dynamics in relationships between siblings during the Victorian period in England.  Then I have class, then an hour for lunch, then work, then class, then an hour to do homework, then I get to register for next semester, then I have 1.5 hours for dinner/more homework, then class for 3 hours, then dessert at my RD’s house, then more work on papers *ack!*

Maybe I should just go finish the one that’s due tomorrow 😛


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