hoot hoot

Since I haven’t even been awake for twelve hours yet, I feel it would be a shame to go to bed. Although it has been a decent 11.25 hours…I read Captivating, made a yummy chocolate/peanut butter/marshmallow bar thing, hung up some Christmas lights, watched The Lake House.

I think now I shall either update my quote journal, finish The World’s Last Night And Other Essays by Lewis, re-start Les Misèrables, or continue a letter to a friend who is studying in England. Maybe all of the above (depending how long the first two take).

It is quite lovely to be home for Thanksgiving, I must say. I do thoroughly enjoy not going to school 😛 As tempting as it is to begin pondering about Christmas shopping and my plans for January and whatnot, we’ll postpone that for another post. If you’re interested in my thespian meanderings, you’ll find them here…

Captivating…overall it was a decent book. Perhaps not worth as much hype as practically every Christian female on campus has made it out to be (hyperbole…please take it as such). Having read several other books of similar nature (ie Authentic Beauty), this one did have some new and insightful things to say. I think I ended up skimming a lot, as it felt repetitive. And toward the end I started losing interest. Of course a problem when I read books so quickly is they don’t sink in very much…but it really wasn’t a life changing book for me. Nothing really seems to be super impactful in my life immediately though, it kind of has to percolate through. At any rate, I thought the authoress was still a little clingy to her feminist roots, which showed up occasionally. The switching back and forth between who was writing was confusing and their constant need to identify who was using the pronoun became annoying and distracting. Perhaps part of my reluctance to fully identify with this book or whatever has to do with my own guardedness that I would admit in a heartbeat but am quite reluctant to dismantle. The fine line between guarding your heart and not being vulnerable enough is a tricky one that I haven’t figured out yet.

So I while I won’t go around exclaiming “Oh my gosh youhave to read this book! It’s the best thing evarrr“, it’s good, and I’d recommend it.
The Lake House was cute. I liked it better than most romantic comedies, although the glaring plot hole at the end is kind of annoying and hard to remedy. I’ll try to avoid saying much more, due to the intricate nature of the plot, but it was good for a chick flick. And amazingly (beautifully) clean! 🙂


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