anything but that!

I’ve grown increasingly lasurveyx about doing my homework (in a timely fashion at least). I would rather tell you about the yummy, Christmas-smelling ginger spice candle I bought at Target today. Or fill out a survey that I found from Tiffany (I have the blank document if you want me to email it to you). A larger (and legible) image is available if you click on it 🙂

Sunday marked the beginning of winter as it relates to snow, not the solstice. And now there’s an arctic front coming down, making it absolutely frigid! (We’re talking single digits here) Plus the snow removal is always exceedingly slow on campus, so parking lots especially get trodden and then ice over, making it rather treacherous to walk to class. But as I haven’t seen it in months, the snow is beautiful.

Allow me to point out that I really have little of consequence to say, but I don’t want to do my Victorian Lit worksheet or write a response paper to Dostoevsky. Basically, life is fantastic when you’re not doing homework. *gah* How am I going to make it through 2.5 more years of this!

I think my weekend is going to be boring too…because I need to work on three papers that are due a week from tomorrow. Sigh. Okay, self-discipline. I know I can rustle some up.


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