remember today, little brother

Hmm…so I have been somewhat remiss blogging of late.

School…finished the semester (not without some little craziness) and did a lot better than I thought I would in one class too 🙂
I went snowboarding yesterday (beautiful weather at the summit) but as I am rather out of shape, I am incredibly sore today.
It snowed 6″ last night and there are blue skies today…so gorgeous 🙂
Break = wonderful…I worked on Thursday, had my mom show me how to knit and made a scarf, slept in, watched all 3 LOTR EE’s with my family (my sister had never seen ROTK because the orcs scarred her), my friend who’s in England this year came home for Christmas so I went to lunch with her…it’s been great 🙂

Now I think I’m going to go stiffly don my snowpants etc and head outside…might try snowboarding down our small hill lol.


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