Contentment is a pretty amazing state.

Today I ventured away from my peaceful little village (so it’s not really a village but that term is somewhat more poetic) into the bustling metropolis 20 miles south. Yay for sales and new shoes and buying silly things for friends. I didn’t spend too much money unnecessarily, which is good because I’m trying to be conscious about not wasting my money…meaning I feel like I already have so much and there are so many opportunities for me to do something useful with it.

I’m going to watch the second half of North and South tonight…for the third time this week lol.  So during the first hour I might re-input old blogs I have saved on my computer.  We shall see.  Tomorrow I work from 11-4.  I can sleep in (or do stuff) in the morning and still make a little money 🙂

Lately I’ve been pondering the steadily-approaching reality of life after college.  I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do, but that’s okay right now.  One of my thoughts includes having a job (as opposed to going overseas and working in some capacity so that I earn enough to live on and pay off my student loans) and having a house/apartment.  Pretty much I’m really excited to furnish/maintain my own space lol.  I actually have a house that I want to live in.  Unfortunately I’m not quite sure where it is, but it simply has to exist 🙂  I designed it for a story I was working on probably 4-5 years ago and subsequently fell in love with it.  It is now my goal to find it and live there.  It’s kind of small though, and after I have any kids over 18 months I’ll have to move, so my current project is enlarging it so that I can hold out and have it built.  Ah dreams.


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