we’ll take a cup of kindness

Happy New Year friends (2 double-o-7 as my friend Brit perennially quipped and thus prompted a picture of some James Bond girls baring their “hand guns”). I rang in the new year at a very large party, ages ranging from 18 month old Titus to Brit’s beloved Grandma Rose. I hung out with the 15-20 range for the most part. One of my favorite parts was playing telephone pictionary and hearing how JaQ’s ritz cracker and butter knife turned into a cotton ball undergoing plastic surgery and ending up as some guy beating a stump with his boot. My own mountain goat crossing the river became a reindeer flying on a cloud.

I glanced outside moments ago and realized that some precipitation is falling from the cloudy sky. It looks like it could be more snow, but it’s so small and falling quickly that it might be rain as well. Katie was my “secret santa” for our Christmas party, and she gave me the new Josh Groban CD which I am currently enjoying.

Although I don’t usually make resolutions, this is definitely a good time of year for the clichéd pondering-the-state-of-one’s-life… I think I’m more content than not, which is quite a new but welcomed phenom. I’ve realized that a lot of times I choose to be miserable rather than enjoying the blessings I know I have.

I want to do more with my life. Recently I realized that I want to be able to say that I made a difference with my life when I die; however, the paradox in that is I don’t want to do things so that I’m praised or whatever, I want it to be second nature. Which it obviously isn’t if I’m thinking about it.

Yesterday my family visited a different church than we usually attend and the sermon was rather convicting about prayer. I believe that God is powerful enough to answer our prayers above and beyond what we ask, and He wants us to ask…so that’s an area of my life that I know could use some improvement.

While I don’t really know (at all…) what I’m going to do with my life following college, I’m not worried about it yet. Sometimes it’s good to go with the flow, and with 2.5 years left, I think now is one of those times. I don’t know what opportunities are going to open up as graduation approaches, so why plan for something that won’t happen (marriage also included in that). When I get closer and see what I am able to do with the resources and degree and knowledge that I have, then I’ll be able to make some plans that actually have possibility of coming to fruition. (Not like the plans I made in second grade to write and illustrate books, not realizing that my artistic talents are uncultivated and limited)

2007 has potential to be a good year (and it leads into the hopefully exciting 2008, as I am planning on taking a class in Hawaii for Jan term and then spending a semester abroad in the fall hehe) . And I think I’m a lot more optimisitic about the coming year than I was a year ago. Unlike graduation 1.5 years ago, I don’t wish time would stand still or rewind. Things have turned out okay so far. This is the year of the third graduating class at my high school, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few friends moved a step or two closer to marriage (namely engagement), my sister turns 16 and my own 20th birthday will roll around. Twenty…wow. Let’s not ponder that one until August actually arrives.

February marks 5 years since Like a Fairy Tale Come True opened and sometime in the spring marks 6 years since I fell into the Plus One obsession (and through that entered the internet community). It’s been a good 6 years. It’s been a good 19 years, too.


One thought on “we’ll take a cup of kindness

  1. no way. you played telephone pictionary too?! that’s how i spent new years eve as well! love that game. lots of laughs. one person that was playing with us laughed so hard she started crying. good times.

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