and back again

As some of you who have known me for 3+ years may remember, in April of 2004 I went on a mission trip to Kenya. Well, about two minutes ago, I finally finished typing my write up.  I had journaled while I was there, but it was interspersed with personal comments and things I don’t feel like sharing with the world.  I had started typing it shortly after I returned, but it was a large task.  It took me about 2 hours to finish seven of the twelve pages.  At any rate, I feel very accomplished right now.

It’s kind of funny how reading through your thoughts takes you right back.  (well that and I was sorting pictures before I did the write up, because neither have I finished…or really started even…my scrapbook)

Okay, let’s not let this productivity end.  I’m going to print it and start that [monumental] scrapbooking effort.  My stack of pictures, no lie, is about 3″ high.  Oh boy.


2 thoughts on “and back again

  1. doesn’t it feel good to feel productive. you go! haha. have fun with the scrapbook! i think i need some crafting/creative outlet time as well

  2. I actually love Washington a lot. California is just so different from the rest of the states. Its its own enigma pretending to be part of another country.
    I might be moving down to Bellevue. haha. It was just so funny to go from Seattle to Portland to San Francisco and seeing the difference.

    Good luck on the scrapbooking! that’s a lot of pictures haha.

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