purple and white

Bath and Body Works sales can be amazing.  I went there over break and picked up some random stuff along with a room spray (since candle burning isn’t exactly legit in dorms).  It’s lilac blossom.  While lilacs aren’t my favorite flowers, I do really like them.  Anyway, I just gave my room that smell, and somewhat unfortunately it’s making me rather nostalgic.  You see, we have a huge row of lilacs right outside my room, and when they bloom we always have a big vase of them on the table.  That’s obviously a spring tradition.  However, it is January.

I got back to school yesterday and unlike home where we still have at least a foot of snow and the driveway = ice, there’s no snow here.  Still some ice, but that doesn’t count.  Basically, looking outside makes me think it’s March.  I am glad to be back and excited about the class I’m taking for the next three weeks.  However, there’s something about being home for a long break like Christmas and then leaving.  I really can’t make up my mind though, because I don’t want the year to be over (and that’s what happens come spring).  However, I don’t like homework, and I would love to be home.  *gah!*  How can I be so conflicted?

Well, I want to finish my homework for tomorrow before I work at 6:30.  And I need to call my family again.  There was a windstorm yesterday in my hometown that was apparently the worst storm in recorded history there.  Some people we know had the windows of their house blown out, trees are down everywhere, and the power’s still out at my house.  And there is another storm coming on Tuesday, I think. =\


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