still awake

It always intrigues me to look at the search engine terms that bring people to my website (or blog now). Lately I’ve gotten a lot of hits from people searching for the quote used in the title of this blog. And song lyrics too…probably because I frequently use song titles in the subject line. I feel rather guilty because some of those people will wander here expecting to find lyrics and I won’t even say who the song is by :-P. Probably the most startling one was someone came here by searching for “Allison”…whaaaat?! I tried that on google and didn’t find it after the first ten pages or so. Which means either they’re using a different search engine, or someone’s stalking me. Hmm. Lovely thought, that.

I watched Spanglish in between doing homework and various other things. My sister hates that movie, but pretty much I love it. (warning: spoilers) It’s so poignant. The relationships are intriguing. John and Flor are both incredibly admirable people. Yeah, they could have almost had an affair…but they didn’t. They loved their children, and the children they came into contact with. I really appreciate the values so positively expressed in the film. And I guess that outweighs the abhorrent character as portrayed by Tea Leoni and the apparently slow plotline. Maybe I just value some quality character development and exploration 🙂

I’m in Internet Applications Development and Ice Skating right now.  Both are pretty fantastic…I am looooving the first.  Making websites etc is my homework!  Can life get any better? lol.  It’s making me really want a website again (we’re talking quality…not just a blog).  And Ice Skating is just fun.  We’re learning some sweet stuff, like crossovers and skating backwards.  Tomorrow we’re learning back crossovers and a little jump.  Fun times 🙂  The US Figure Skating Championships are being held in Spokane this year, which is exciting (not that I’m going…but whatever), and we might see some sweet people at the rink.  Today we saw the Spokane hockey team practicing.


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