of cookies and skates

This has been an interesting week.

On the one hand, I’ve had to do some of the hardest, most time-consuming web-programming I’ve ever done. I spent hours in the computer labs (and will do so this weekend, working on my final project) working on the tiniest elements of a page. Really intense and really frustrating sometimes. I’m so glad it’s the weekend because I don’t feel as guilty hanging out in my room a little bit lol.

On the other hand, the other class I’m taking right now is ice skating. Pretty much the sweetest class ever and when I’m on campus for Jan term ’09 I want to take it again so I can continue to get better and play more hockey :). I’ve learned so much in the last three weeks…front and back crossovers, spins (which I’m not great at lol), trying to learn a waltz jump. Plus…this week has been the US National Figure Skating Championships (which I wouldn’t know except the competition is being held in Spokane this year). On Monday some of the novice/junior pairs were practicing on the other rink. Wednesday we got to see Kimmie Meissner (current World Champion…) practicing. There were some other skaters there that day (I think including Bebe Liang, who’s in 2nd right now I think), most of whom I didn’t know. One though, Braden Overett…pretty much I’m a fan now lol. He did his free skate routine and the music was from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Loved it :D. Then todayKimmie Meissner (c)Sparsile 2007 we saw Kimmie Meissner again, Katy Taylor (currently 4th(?)), and some of the dance teams practicing. And yaaay! I had my digital camera! However, I quickly realized that taking pictures of these fast moving skaters when I’m only a couple feet higher than them and not knowing what they’re doing next poses a slight disadvantage to great pics. This one is Kimmie, great quality, I know 😛 (yay for nets to keep hockey pucks off the crowd). So that was pretty exciting this week. We got to see these incredibly talented skaters practice and go through their routines, and it wasn’t costing $98 (which is how much a ticket to the Ladies Final was *ouch*)! Plus we weren’t up in the grandstands or anything, it was just a neighborhood ice rink so we were down pretty close 🙂 My only “regret” is that, darn it, I didn’t see Evan Lysacek lol.


One thought on “of cookies and skates

  1. wow web programming. sounds like a lot of “fun.”

    ice skating, now there is something that truly is fun! so will we see you in the next olympics?

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