Eleven hours into the first day of class, and I’m a little bored.  Granted, I haven’t had class yet, but still.  All this free morning time may be a good thing.

MWF – Interpersonal Communication 10:40 – 11:35
MWF – Probability and Statistics 12:00 – 12:55
MWF – Swing and Lindy Hop (for Feb/Mar) 2:10-3:05

TTh – Computer Science II 2:35 – 3:55
T – Web Design 6:00 – 9:00
Th – Structure and Development of the English Language 6:30 – 9:30

I work various times throughout the days of M-Th.  Today I worked 8-10, so my goal is to get up at 7:30 every day, and the days I don’t work (M, W-F) go to the gym.  We’ll see how that works.  And go to bed by/around midnight (because really…I don’t do anything after that).  It’ll be a good schedule if I can get into it.

My calendar reminded me that Lost starts again on Wednesday…I’ll try to remember to go and hope that the second half is better than the first 😛

So now I’ve got 3 hours before class…I’m meeting a friend for lunch at noon, give that an hour.  I think now I’ll go write in my journal and then when I get back from lunch either start my taxes or finish a couple of summer job applications.  I really like it when I’m actually productive 🙂


5 thoughts on “academia

  1. Swing and Lindy Hop?
    That seriously makes my life.
    Best class ever!
    Good luck in Comp Sci. I hear its kind of difficult 🙂
    Web design class for the win haha. I just finished my first site for mine.

  2. I couldn’t find your e-mail addy, but I wanted to answer your comment on my blog. You can go here to pre-order the new RK CD, plus view a list of the tracks. In case you didn’t know, you can also buy their new single “Must Have Done Something Right” through iTunes. It also comes with another song called “Fallen Man” which I don’t think is on the new album. 🙂

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