rites of spring

Those of you who live in a more northern climate where winter means 3ish months of cloud cover can understand the utter ecstasy that spread around campus when yesterday’s clouds pulled away to reveal pristine blue skies (and a sun that allowed the temperature to rise to the fifties).  And the skies are blue again today.  There is no joy quite like the joy of spring that follows a gray winter.

In other news, my study abroad (which won’t begin for at least 17 months, possibly 18) plans are still giving me no small bit of grief.  Granted I should just be thankful that I have the opportunity to plan a study abroad…and I am!  However, that doesn’t solve the dilemma.  Two good friends are in love with the British Isles program through our school.  I like it too, but I would like the immersion aspect, as well as getting to know people I don’t already know.  There is a program in Italy I am in love with (and several others I also get giddy thinking about).  The idea of living in Italy/Mediterranean for 3.5 months, learning Italian, and being immersed in a different culture sounds beyond amazing.  The problem with that plan is I would really like to travel with those two friends…gah. I don’t know how  I will ever decide 😦

Well, right now I’m not studying for a test that I was going to study for last night (but decided to read What a Girl Wants by Kristin Billerbeck instead).  Time to go start that, methinks.  Don’t worry, the test isn’t until Friday, but this is one of those amazingly cool profs for whom you want to do your best.


One thought on “rites of spring

  1. That is a dilemma about studying abroad. I’d probably choose to go with my friends, but I don’t know. You’re majoring in English Lit, right? Well maybe going to an English speaking county would fit a little better with your major. 😉

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