written on my heart

The fangirl in me is embarrassed. I heard the lyrics in my head, but I could not pin them to a song. It even took me two guesses to get the band right! Really now, that’s just not okay.

I’m just discovering life
How magical it is
Because of all You are, oh yeah
These days I wake up and I’m amazed
How much I want to give
Since You’ve touched my heart

“You” – Plus One

(randomly, before we begin our actual blog…I think I still like boybands…hmm lol)
I can’t help but stand back in gasp in amazement when I think of the ways God has blessed me. Through my education, my faith, my family, my friends. Maybe it’s the joy of spring finally arriving. Maybe it’s the fact that I was able to spend time with my class (I really need to come up with a way of differentiating between highschool/college groups of people) this last weekend. *gah* I’m so thankful God has granted me this contentment.

…umm now that I’m in a let’s-listen-to-Plus-One-mood…I just need to say that “Last Flight Out” will never go out of style. That song is just flat out amazing.

Courtesy of http://googlism.com, life is …short
life is good
life is precious
life is great
life is a drama
life is for living
life is a beach
life is precious ministries
life is journey ?
life is an adventure
life is a series of plan bs
life is on tour
life is a long song
life is peachy
life is but a dream
life is like
life is sweeter for some
life is a soft adventure
life is strange
life is universal
life is very disquieting
life is sweet
life is confusing for two
life is elsewhere
life is lumpy
life is it anyway?
life is unfair
life is a show time
life is so strange
life is free
life is sweet don’t cry
life is art e
life is a mess
life is an education
life is worse
life is the inspiration behind our style”
life is beautiful hoax
life is a strategy for getting nice surprises
life is the conviction that we are loved
life is simply this
life is slipping away
life is beautiful
life is like high school
life is for living”
life is not
life is so complex


One thought on “written on my heart

  1. Oh man Alli! Perhaps you need to spend a couple of days just listening to our boys. haha. man plus one. those were the good ol days.;

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