always and forever

Anyone else out there have a malfunctioning Dell Inspiron 5160?  I’ve no end of problems with that thing over the past two years I’ve had it.  Last winter (I forget exactly how it worked but…)first it wouldn’t charge the battery sporadically, and then it wouldn’t run on AC power sporadically, and then the battery died and it wouldn’t charge it and it wouldn’t run on AC power.  So with my oh-so-very-valuable extended warranty, I had someone come and replace my motherboard and power adapter.  Then I’ve been having some sporadic difficulties with the video card.  And the CD drive gave me some problems at one point too and that had to be replaced.  A couple weeks ago Windows wouldn’t run because of a missing or corrupt file.  Now the LCD is basically dead, so I can’t see anything when I boot.  But, once again, hallelujah for extended warranties, someone is coming out to replace it (freeeee!).  However, that means I’m relegated to the library and various other computer labs until it’s fixed 😦  I infinitely prefer working in my room (even if I’m distracted easily).  Hopefully it’ll be up and running again come Thursday when the new episode of Jericho will be available on CBS.  Yes, I did get sillily addicted over spring break.

Spring break…now there’s a weird thought for you.  I can’t believe there’s less than two months left of my sophomore year!  Although I’m incredibly excited for the summer 🙂  I got the job I really wanted which pays well, gives good experience, and is my first office 8-5 M-F job!  Plus, I will be able to go to Minnesota to see my grandparents, and go to Alaska for my family reunion.  And then there’s a ton of sweet movies coming out (note to self: exercise restraint and save money by going to the drive in), not to mention Harry Potter!!  And I’m hoping for some sweet weekend adventures 🙂

However, before summer, I have to get through tonight.  Meaning I have to finish editing this 100+ page document (a “novel” to be precise) yesterday.  Woot.  I really have got to start working on this procrastination thing 😛


2 thoughts on “always and forever

  1. I’ve heard that Dell laptops are not fantastic. Desktops are pretty good, but not so much the laptop. I’m on a Dell right now with its share of greif. Everytime I start it up it runs a CHKDSK because the NTFC or whatever volume is dirty.
    I haven’t a clue 😛

    Good luck on the editing 🙂

  2. Computers can be such a pain sometimes. It seems like once they start going south, there’s no stopping it. At least you were smart and got an extended warranty.

    Over a hundred pages? Yeesh. Good luck. 🙂

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