dear world

How do you grasp contentment and cling so firmly that it cannot be relegated to a bit of floor behind those uncomfortable shoes you bought on impulse? How do you balance a selfless love for others without sacrificing your heart and sanity?

What is it about Thursday that inevitably causes intense introspection and loneliness into the pre-dawn hours of Friday?

The stars glitter, some brightly and others barely visible. They latch on to my heart and gently tug, pulling me. Where? Only away. Away to some distant dream, to the origin of déjà vu, to the comfort of a hand unobtrusively protecting my own.


3 thoughts on “dear world

  1. Gosh Alli, how do you make words dance like that? I’m sorry, I’m not even sure I read what you said properly, I was just enjoying the flow

  2. You can’t grasp contentment. If you search too hard, you’ll miss it. Fix your eyes on God, and He will provide. Not like I can talk though, lol.

  3. Contentment is a matter of how willing you ar to embrace the things and/or people you have. I don’t think anyone could ever love in a balanced way. When we love someone, we forget ourselves (and others as well) most of the time. That’s what loves does to us. Even when we tell ourselves to not get too lost in it. Maybe you’ve got Thursday insomnia. *lol* Kidding, of course =) I like the way you sounded off your thoughts. Very captivating.

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