oh hi

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid to upper 90’s.  Blaaah.  Now I don’t want to wear the short-sleeved dress I was going to wear to graduation.  Well, I’ll still wear it, but I won’t be happy about it.

Being an English major and the somewhat odd person that I am, I invariably think more than necessary sometimes.  For example, tonight I watched The Painted Veil.  My eyes are still a bit scratchy (although that really could be allergies, who knows) a half hour later.  I thoroughly enjoyed that movie, but I’m not really one for thorough reviews.  I hope I’m not spoiling the plot for anyone, but if you didn’t already know, it’s something of a love story.  That said, here comes the vagueness as I attempt to avoid spoilers.

I really like that type of love story.  However, I do not like what happened to bring said love story about.  This got me to thinking…what is it I like about this kind of story?  spoilers?
Is it the beauty of reconciliation?  Or the strength found in passing through trials?

See…if that’s the case, I’m confused.  Because that certainly isn’t a model I want to emulate.  I would really rather have a relationship that doesn’t have to go through hell in order to be great.  Maybe I’m just being idealistic since I’ve never really been in something I would qualify in this circumstance as a “relationship”.

Maybe I appreciate the love that grows between two people who know and are intimately acquainted with the fallen humanity of the other person, and they choose to love each other anyway.

I think that’s it.  Because that is strongly reflective of my personal views about love/relationships/marraige.


One thought on “oh hi

  1. I was supposed to watch that movie with a friend which never happened. I’m not to keen on love stories myself.
    I think appreciating the love that people give based the disregard of their obvious flaws is a better way than by thinking you need to have this hellish time for anything to happen. I seriously know people who will put guys through the most ridiculous amounts of drama. To test them? I don’t know. But that, to me, doesn’t always bring about love.
    Relationships don’t have to go through awful times in order to be amazing its true. I wouldn’t try to emulate that either! I think that that is so prevalent because people want love to happen right away, they don’t see that it has to grow.

    In regards to your comment at my blog:
    I didn’t like POTC2 either. I felt I was $12 to see a 2 hour trailer for the third movie. Was “At World’s End” good enough for me to dole out the cash our should I wait for the DVD? I have a feeling I’ll be dragged to it regardless.
    Oddly enough in a summer of sequels of sequels I’m unimpressed. Although Justin Timberlake wasn’t bad in Shrek the Third 😉

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