happy medium

I begin to wonder if there might ever come a time when I don’t need to analyze myself so acutely. Will I find my vocation (not just employment), and such that I do not question whether or not I could continue at it for x years? How will he find me?

So many thoughts, decisions, opinions, changes. Growth appears inevitable. I was going to add something to that, but really, what else do I say to that? I guess I am growing in positive ways. I generally “like” the direction I’m “going”, and I don’t see any other way to continue down this road than to persevere through these times when my brain weighs more than the rest of my body.

On several lighter notes, I’m now addicted to Doctor Who.
In less than a month I will have finished the final installment of Harry Potter (yes, I am buying it at midnight and spending as much time as it takes on Saturday to finish).
A week from Thursday I’m flying to Alaska for a week (oh snap! I didn’t realize it was that soon!)
I think I’m going to study abroad in Italy for a semester.
No matter how hard I “try”, I cannot get to bed before midnight. Even though I get up at 6:30 *blegh*


One thought on “happy medium

  1. seeing that you’re posting here at wordpress, i can probably assume that you aren’t at livejournal? ….by the way, HI! long time no chat! i was just being stalkerish and looking for my old online buds on livejournal, haha.

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