the world spins madly on

Today was my last day of work.  No matter how ready I am to move on to the next segment of life, it always feels like such a milestone to walk through the doorway that separates the present from what was the future.  It’s always more than just a doorway though.  Even though I’ll be back to work at Christmas, this doorway means I’m embarking on my junior year of college.  Now an upperclassman, I only have two years left.  Halfway done.  And as the sun begins to set and the shadows grow longer, I am faced with a visible reminder of the transiency of growing up.  This room I have called mine for the last ten years, this acre I have called home for the last twenty years–they will slip away to that distant place of memories and childhood.

In some ways I welcome the rise of responsibility and adulthood.  I’ve been home alone for the last two hours, and I leisurely made myself dinner and then took the time to enjoy it (even if it was pasta from a box).  I welcome the ever-approaching opportunity to have a house that is my own, that I can decorate and flavor with my taste and personality.  It’s just I find myself afraid that I will have to settle at first.  That it won’t be home as this has been.


One thought on “the world spins madly on

  1. Time flies. All those “stages” will come before you know it, and you’ll find yourself easing into it. Then find that “adulthood” feels not much different from how things are now!

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