college, take three

*groan* oh school.  Yay short week, but alas that it means next week is longer.
Tomorrow I’m going rafting with some random people in Montana…should be fun.  Not looking forward to getting up early though.  Should probably go to bed.  Have things to do…but won’t do them even if I do stay up.  Our estimated time of returning is around 6 pm so maybe I’ll just sit around tomorrow night and chill.  Right now I think I’ll go wash my feet, make sure I’m ready to go for the morning, and go to sleeeeeep.


One thought on “college, take three

  1. I feel your pain. My week was a total of two days, but today I’m sitting on the brink of a long week with huge breaks and two night classes.
    Its so hard to get into the routine.
    Hope you had fun rafting 🙂 Oddly enough I was going to go down to Montana as well, though the weather didn’t allow for much travel.

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