what do they teach in schools these days?

Over the summer I started reading the news as part of my job (looking for articles that might be relevant or interesting for the Commissioners to know about). And through my news feeds, I started finding an interest in what is going on in the world outside my realm of experience. So even though summer has been over for going-on four weeks, I still page through feeds of headlines from two Seattle papers, BBC, Reuters (and maybe another one). This article on preventing obesity in children caught my eye.

*begin brief rant*

These are the questions I was pondering while reading the article…
– where are the parents?
– why are the parents not teaching their kids how to eat by example?
– why are the parents not buying healthy food?

I’m glad that nine and ten year olds are learning how to read labels and determine for themselves what is healthy and not.  But really, I think there are more effective ways to do this.  Like <i>not</i> buying boxes and boxes of processed, fat-laden snacks that are so available.  If parents are so concerned about their kids health that they give them this video game, maybe they should take an active role in the raising of <i>their own</i> children and *gasp* invest some time in this relationship.

*end rant*

Pretty much I remain completely disgusted by the pervasive abdication of responsibility on the part of Americans (I don’t know enough/anything of other cultures to suggest anything of their practices)…in just about everything.  Everyone is so freaking lazy and wanting the government to take all their problems away.  I’m not disincluding myself from this generalization, although I do hope that as I grow into an adult and develop practices that will become lifelong habits I don’t fall into the practices I rant against now.

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One thought on “what do they teach in schools these days?

  1. I completely agree with you. If Mom and Dad only buy junk food, it doesn’t matter if their kid knows the food is bad for him.

    Kaiser Permanente’s entire ad campaign makes me crazy, anyways. I saw a Kaiser license plate frame once that said, “Buckle up and thrive.” *gags*

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