Dear JKR,
Any respect I once held for you regarding your masterful weaving of plots and characters is rapidly disintegrating. I managed to overlook my disappointment in the final book when you left so many questions unanswered. I even decided to not hold it against you when you dumped handfuls of details so ineloquently in interviews.

However…enough is enough. This latest little tidbit about Dumbledore’s sexuality and Hannah + Neville is just about the last straw. Regardless of my opinion on these matters…allow me a brief moment of ferocious anger.  Real writers show and don’t tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*deep breath*  I am completely flabbergasted, dumbfounded and disgusted that you keep telling us all this crap about the characters we have decided to love.  “Oh and by the way they’re married and he’s working here and she’s not doing this.”  If you weren’t going to put it in the book, at least have the decency to leave it to fanfiction to fill in the gaps!  I’m glad you as a writer know so much more about the story than you told us, that’s good.  No need to go spoiling it all by vomiting all your thoughts on us.

Oh, and making Dumbledore gay…looks like nothing more than a move to make yourself as politically correct and applicable as possible.  I am literally rolling my eyes.

So please, if you want to keep any readers that have any literary sense at all…shut up and go back to writing!



One thought on “catharsis

  1. I will admit freely to not really getting into the HP craze back in the day, mostly because of some stuff I read about JKR in the first place.
    But she’s exceptional at creating a plot that works and is intricate I was impressed.

    Its just sad, that when people don’t need to, they fall into whatever it is that she’s done. Making a character gay? I mean, yeah ok whatever, but why would you do it afterwards?

    Maybe its some sort of post-Harry traumatic syndrome making her do strange and inexplicable things?

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