So I don’t personally own any of Lord of the Rings (my parents do!).  And I want to own the Extended Editions.  Now…is it worth trying to get a hold of the Collectors ones with the statue of Gollum, Amon Hen bookends and such?  Basically…is that extra stuff (I don’t remember what all is included) worth the extra $20, or will I be okay with just the EE?  Consider that I am a big but not excessive fan (I don’t own the EEs yet, but I am not above having 2+ copies of the same book because I like the other edition) as well as a current college student planning on going to Italy next year (read: in debt but still spending money occasionally).

Allrighty…back to homework 😛


2 thoughts on “decisions

  1. The Gollum statue I never liked, it just looks like a frail fish-eating creature and has neither a use nor is pleasing to look at. Minis Tirith now, cool looking and it has a compartment under it, nice touch. Although the Argonath are the only ones that I dig. Two bookends in the shape of kings of Gondor, face it an Ipod isn’t even that marvelously attractive.

  2. I love all the extra stuff I got with the collector’s EEs. The Minas Tirith is probably the best, though; the detailing is amazing. I’m not really sure what extra content is on the DVDs, though. I don’t think I’ve even watched all of it yet, lol.

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