oh my sweet heavens

Oh my sweet sweet heavens.  Procrastination is the most amazing thing ever.  If procrastination were tangibly present to me in the form of a fluffy cat right now I would just squeeze him.  Ecstasy…pure, complete ecstasy.

Internet Archive, I bow in humble awe to the greatness that are your databases.  I could have sworn I checked for my old websites when I first found it a while ago…but obviously not as thoroughly as I ought, because I found more than I expected.

As long time readers may remember, some two and a half years ago (…wow, that’s a long time), I suffered the tragic loss of my un-backed-up blog.

AND IT’S THERE!  Literally, the squee is almost bursting inside me.  With some digging I have found so much of what I lost, and it is such a joyful reunion!  (And it’s also making me extremely nostalgic for the good ol’ personal website days…that was a fun if narcissistic fad)

*does a happy dance and continues not writing her paper*


One thought on “oh my sweet heavens

  1. That’s super awesome! I remember when you lost all your posts. I thought it was so tragic! Because it was, your posts are always beautiful.
    I wonder how good that thing would be at finding my things. hmm.

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