Oh saints (I had one of my characters say that…and I kind of like it). I bought a plane ticket to London. *eeeee* After much deliberation, I chose a flight that leaves late morning one Tuesday in August, stops in Toronto (speaking of, Canadian friend,…any tips you have for flying through Toronto or on Air Canada, I would greatly appreciate them!), and then on to London, arriving at 8:30 Wednesday morning.Β  snaaaap Buying plane tickets is always something of an ordeal for me.

This weekend was wonderful and active…I went out for dessert with my freshman hall, to the choir Christmas concert (amazing), to the Writing Center Christmas party, to the Christmas party at one of the English prof’s houses, and later tonight I’m planning on going to the president’s house for Christmas carols. πŸ™‚ Finals studying…noooo. Presentation preparation…noooo. And! It snowed today! πŸ˜€ I’m kind of overflowing right now. But that’s okay.


One thought on “bouncing

  1. OH Toronto. I seriously miss living there. The airport isn’t so bad. Its very large though and probably similar to the airport in Seattle (if you’ve had the opportunity to fly through there). Customs there is a bit more intense though since its such a large airport, but at least there are really helpful employees around. My suggestion though is if you need to go to a separate terminal then the one you arrive in take the shuttle bus especially if you have time to catch it. Its free and just goes between all the terminals. It really saves the walking with luggage part and gives you more time to find where you need to be πŸ™‚

    Air Canada though, while it is a good airline may have some issues that may be…unsavory. Just as a head’s up, however since you’re flying internationally and not just from one side of Canada to the other you should be fine. I’ve only had issues with them when flying nationally.

    Customs probably won’t be too, too bad either. I had a lot less issue going from the States into Canada then I did going into the US. Hopefully that is still the case πŸ™‚

    Going to London! That’s so incredibly exciting πŸ˜€

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