lightly toasted

It is January and I’m lounging in shorts and a t-shirt with decidedly pink appendages and back.  Little too much sun today.  But I’m not complaining 🙂  Pretty much this Jan term class was a fabulous choice.  We’re in Hilo right now…the rainy side of the Big Island, but we’ve had some pretty nice weather.  We’ve explored the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (sadly no flowing lava we could see =\), ascended the 14,000 ft Mauna Kea to tour one of the telescopes, visited the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens, and done some general chilling on the rocky coastline.  Tomorrow we’re moving to the sunnier side – Kona.  I don’t remember what all academic we’re doing there, but should be sweet 🙂  I don’t know how I’ll handle going back to Washington where there’s feet of snow and freezing temperatures!  Seriously, it feels like summer, and it’s amazing 🙂


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