Hawaii was arguably the best way to spend January.  I confess to no small dismay at returning to the snowiest Washington in some years.   Pictures have been posted on my lj and facebook, and I don’t know of any who don’t have access to either, so I’ll save myself the trouble of posting them here as well.

This week marked the beginning of spring semester.  I am enrolled in 6 classes (Philosophy of Religion, Writing 2, Russian Literature, Contemporary American Poetry, Poetry Writing, and Advanced Writing Workshop).  As you can tell, beaucoup English classes…meaning loads of writing and reading.  Since a) I am a procrastinator at heart and in practice, b) I want to be and am involved in more than just homewor, and c) I prefer avoiding panic when at all possible, I am planning to audit Philosophy of Religion (aka go to class and do none of the work, but I’ll do the reading) and take Russian Lit Pass/No Credit (aka do some of the work, in my case read, probably do the papers well and study about 2 minutes for the tests).

Life is pretty much crazy when I think about all the stuff I have to do…but when I stop to wonder when I’ll have the time to do it, I realize that I’ll probably figure it out seeing as I have an hour set aside tomorrow to watch Lost online.  Most prominient in my thoughts are matters of the financial and future.  Namely filing my FAFSA and taxes for the former and figuring out what I’m doing for the summer and what I’m doing next semester.  I’ll probably do what I’ve been planning on for the last year–study at a local school in Florence–but that doesn’t mean I’m not investigating my options in Greece right now.


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