no parachutes

Watching people fall off the face of the internet as the counter slowly decreases.

Time sucked away and eternally lost.  Irredeemable but a folly that can be remedied.  Next time.  What would be better? Papers, relationships.  Spend time and invest…but if they don’t last and go the way of the internet people.  What if the ties that once did bind are now binding, confining?

What does longsuffering mean?  Implied suffering.  It’s non-negotiable.  How will you handle it?  Turn your back?

Do you take it all–good, bad, in between–reveling in or covering with love?  Is there a line, a diferentiating point at which you know what fits in which box, and what those boxes are labeled?

Just put it off.  If you wait long enough maybe it’ll fade into the sunset.  Or maybe it’ll be waiting, now armed to the teeth.  Like that project you didn’t take the time to start .
Or maybe you’ll remember what was there in the first place and realize why you can’t let go.  Like that stuffed teddy bear that has lived on your bed for the last 20 years.
But which is it.  You can’t put it off forever, and you don’t want to walk blindly into the future without knowing what to expect.  Too bad you’ll never know till you try.
Some things you can’t learn in books.
You just have to do them.


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